My name is Lucie. I build websites during the day and make jewelry at night.

I explore shapes, colors and textures to see how they fit together in an organic harmony of inspiration. I like to discover different ways to put my pieces together, and think about the movement and feel. I design a wide range of styles; all bringing a little bit of earthiness into our urban lives.

All my pieces are handmade in my tiny studio in San Francisco.

I use only fine materials and often incorporate unique vintage and recycled pieces. A lot of my pieces are one-of-a-kind.

Check out my pieces on Etsy.


2 Comments to “about”

  1. Dear Lucie, Just signed up for your notice of new blogs. I am taking the GYPO ecourse too with you. I am so excited about this weeks assignment. It is just what I needed to kick start my painting. I love your website and see you do this for a living. I am so jealous! So cool! I have a blog but it really needs attention and I hope to give it some help soon. I am also opening my own Etsy Shop this month. I have just retired (yea!!) and am cleaning house. My husband and I own an antique business and have 25 years of collecting. I am down to only smalls now and so I want to do nothing but internet sales. We have had enough of the stores, booths, and weekend shows for a lifetime. I too make jewelry, sew, and mixed media. I have been doing something with my hands and mind since my Mother and Grandmother was trying to find something to keep me busy. haha

    I love your week one paintings and am excited to see everyone’s next paintings. Have a great week.

    Debbie or Omie

    • Omie,
      Your comments are so sweet. Thank you! I love the GYPO course so much. It’s so great to be pushed a little and at the same time being surrounded by so many talented people. I’m actually going to treat myself to two days off this week, to have time to go and buy more paints and brushes and have time to paint and make more jewelry.

      Yay for being retired and having time to do all the arts and crafts you want. :-) I think that Etsy sellers of vintage and antiques do really well.


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