A dream house

I have been dreaming lately of escaping and moving places and living differently.

One way I would like to live is in a tree house. It’s a childhood dream that I just found out a French company La Cabane Perchee can make an adult size reality. They will come out, measure your tree and come up with a treehouse of your dreams. All of this without driving any nails into your beloved tree or otherwise harming it. Maybe you just want a little porch perched high up for a secret hideaway spot, or maybe you want a full-on house with a bathroom and an electric heater to live in? They can do it all.

To try out a treehouse living, you can rent this one in Burlingame.






To go even more native, book a night in the Nest in the beautiful Treebones resort. Beware; they do not care for children there, unless you are willing to gag them for the period of your stay. And let’s face it, who hasn’t thought about doing that from time to time?







And one day I would like to live in a house like this.

I will have a little vegetable garden, do my arts and crafts there, have dinner parties with lots of wine and Becherovka, sleepovers and go for long runs in the hills.









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