Spring cleaning

I was on fire this weekend, with energy that is.

On Saturday I had what I call a “Kaleb day.” We snuggled, read books, painted, played with trucks in the park and ran errands. Just mommy and Kaleb day. It was lovely.

Sunday came about and I thought that we would spend it mainly outside again, but there has been lots of clutter around the house that has been begging me to take care off. It’s been getting to a point where it felt like it was cluttering my mind, which I don’t like because it stunts my creativity and general happiness. It was time for yearly Spring-cleaning.

This is what I did yesterday:

–  Cleaned out our main closet – took all the boxes we don’t need to store for products that “might” break that we “might” want to return. Re-organized everything that lives in the closet and found two gigantic bags of stuff to donate to Goodwill.
– Sorted through all the papers lying around with bills and random junk mail. I found a $25 Amazon card (hello new to-go mug!) and a $50 check that Dave never cashed.
– Moved my drawers and picked up everything that managed to fall behind into the large crease that drives me crazy, but that has to be there because there is the pretty molding on the bottom of our walls and a gigantic phone jack that prevents me from pushing it up to the wall any closer.

I have big plans to turn the old “poopy diapers” closet into a Dave closet and then turn part of our big closet into my workspace, so I can make my big leap this fall.

I also made awesome dinner for us and baked strawberry coffee cake muffins. Be on the lookout for the recipe this week!

Check out Kaleb roaring in his old Halloween lion costume that I found. He scared himself and wanted to take it off at the end.


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