Artist are leading the revolution… the American dream has changed.

Is your soul screaming for change from your daily job? Are you yearning to create and let the artist from within shine? Finding your own alternative lifestyle that is full of art and creativity can be very scary. It is a soul-searching process that leaves you vulnerable and true.

Listen to an inspiring interview conducted by Tara Gentile from Scoutie Girl with Alexis Neely who talks about the new paradigm and finding yourself as an artist and building your life exactly the way you want it to be, and at the same time being financially secure.

You can LISTEN TO IT HERE (please note that it might take a minute to download), or go to for the original post and more fantastic information and inspirations from Tara.

I’m currently on a new path, and I’m just blindly “feeling” my way around. This interview deeply resonated with how I imagine my life could be and gave me hope that I can find the courage and build that life for myself.


One Comment to “Artist are leading the revolution… the American dream has changed.”

  1. Hi Lucie! So glad the interview resonated with you & your vision for your life. Alexis has been a powerful force in helping me realize my own visions – and I wish the same for you!!

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