Random Act of Kindness #2

My mom is visiting from Prague and she wanted to get a haircut while here. Obviously, I had to take her to Nicole, who is the most amazing hairdresser I know. She makes me look pretty and she also is the first hairdresser that makes me truly happy with my haircut. Nicole used to be in the city, but has just recently moved to a one-chair salon in Oakland.  Our appointment was at 11AM, which made it 10AM old time since this weekend was the infamous time-switch that confuses me every year. I wish they would finally STOP doing this to us. Anyways, we got off BART in Oakland with plenty of time to walk to the salon, and I was sure that we were going in the right direction. When we started entering heavy residential area, I started suspecting that something was wrong. Of course, we were on the exact opposite end of the street that we needed to be on and it was already 11AM. I was feeling completely lost –  a feeling I always have in the East Bay no matter how many times I go there – and hoping to find a stray cab for us to get us there in matter of minutes. I asked a random woman on the street if she knew about a place to catch a cab, she replied that she wasn’t from there and unfortunately didn’t know. I thanked her and kept walking… in the wrong direction. Ten seconds later she ran after us and asked me if we were going far. I gave her the address and told her that it’s maximum 10 minutes by car, but that I don’t know how to get there or where exactly it is. She told me that she wanted to drive us and that she had a GPS in her car. I couldn’t believe that yet another beautiful human being is offering me help in a span of mere couple of months. Amazing! We were at Nicole’s within 5 minutes. My mom got her haircut and I got my bangs trimmed. I think that there is either something in the air or my karma must be really, really good this year.

Read about the first Random Act of Kindness here.


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