Get your paint on – week 1

I’m taking the Get Your Paint On 5-week online painting course.

Week 1 assignment inspiration were the amazing Gee’s Bend quilts.

What I learnt:
1) I need to practice mixing colors to get the shades I want
2) I need to get gesso and some more brushes
3) I LOVE painting


4 Comments to “Get your paint on – week 1”

  1. Both takes on the theme are just GREAT!! You must be a natural :))

    • Thank you! I was really intimidated to post my paintings, but then everybody was so nice and supportive.
      I love your hand-printed ribbons! I have never even thought of making my own ribbon. Very inventive!

  2. Hello from Get your Paint on. Yes to more brushes, I cannot get a straight line!
    Love your painting, and hate to be ignorant but I haven’t heard of chard. Is it like cabbage?

    • I feel the same about the brushes, but then again, it could just be me not being able to actually paint a straight line… :-)

      Chard is sort of like kale, but less intense. It’s a super healthy leafy vegetable, but can taste amazing if cooked well. I’m not sure if it is super available in Australia, but here it’s everywhere. It’s also pretty easy to grow.

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