When I walked into the lobby tonight, I got super excited because there was a box with my name on it. At first I thought that it was some of my jewelry supplies, but then I realized that it was THE LOCAL HONEY that I ordered last week. I’m what one might call a honey-whore. When I see honey at a farmers market  I want it, when I travel to places near and far that offers local honey, I need it. This was no exception. I found Noe Valley Honey on Etsy and featured it on my postcard last week. Noe Valley of San Francisco that is. It brings me joy to imagine the little beehive in somebody’s backyard in our city. It surely gives wanting to have my own chickens a whole another perspective.

I have a special place for bees in my heart. The love started when I was a little girl growing up in Prague. We have seasons in the Czech Republic and during the very early Spring, the sun would be out but didn’t have much strength yet. You would see bees outside trying to wake up from their winter nap and fly, but they couldn’t because their wings would be stuck together from the cold. I would walk around with my grandfather saving these early-risers by taking them very carefully into the palm of my hand, and slowly blowing warm breaths at them until their wings warmed up and they would fly away.

I have been thinking about moments with my grandfather since he passed away couple of months ago. I have been missing him a lot and I realized how much he taught me through little experiences like this.


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