Bad mommy Sunday

This post doesn’t really fall under category of making arts and crafts, but it certainly belongs under category adventure.

My son Kaleb who is almost 3 years old is going through toddler puberty, which is what I call the terrible twos. Let’s just say that there isn’t a day without resistance and some form of a tantrum. One could say that he is a strong-willed child. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like having a kid with a strong personality and a bit of attitude, but he has dialed it up a notch since Dave has started his new job last week, and it peeked this weekend. Apparently he misses “tata”, which he shows by torturing mommy, which then results in mommy having a bad-mommy day, to which he replies that he misses “tata”, which then makes mommy feel like crap.

It really is amazing how a  3-year old without any sense of how the real world works, knows exactly what will set you off at any given moment of the day. I try to be patient, strict yet kind, I plead, I yell (well, I did today…), but non of that made any difference. No matter what I did, he just did the exact opposite of what I asked. He managed to hit our neighbor with his rocket launcher, he threw the just-folded laundry all over the room, he ran away from me on the street, he spilled an entire bottle of milk all over his room while on time-out, he tried braking the door on the dryer after I have repeatedly asked him not to do it “please”, and then gave me a hurt look when I put him outside the laundry room door, so he couldn’t keep breaking it, he hit, kicked and screamed, and all of that and more on no nap.

Then at around 4:30pm I decided that a glass of wine for me and some Krtek on TV for Kaleb might take the edge off our horrible day together. Who said that TV watching for kids and drunk parenting are bad???

Now, sitting here writing this post, it just dawned on me, we both just miss Dave so much, and when he isn’t around we get super cranky.


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