Spinach Taleggio Roulade

Spinach Taleggio RouladeMy latest cooking adventure is risen bread dough taleggio roulade found on the designsponge blog. I have been intrigued by making my own home-made bread and this, even though it’s not your average loaf, it’s my first stab at risen dough. And man, I have to say that dealing with risen dough can be a lengthy process ( I wanted to write a “bitch”, but didn’t know if you are ready for this kind of language yet ;-)). Make sure that you have enough time to stick around for this recipe as you will go through a couple of rounds of manipulating the dough and waiting and then doing it over again. If you are not yet familiar with the Taleggio cheese, you will fall in love. Tellagio is just the right amount of stinky and gooey and has a delightful taste.

Taleggio cheese: 
It is a gourmet cheese of very old origins, perhaps even before the 10th century. Its regional origin was the Val Taleggio, in the province in Bergamo, from which derives the name of the cheese. Currently the area of production and ripening of the Taleggio cheese is Lombardy, Piedmont and Venetia regions.


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