Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments
My son Kaleb is just over 2,5 years old and this year is the first time he is really interested in the holiday season. We have just celebrated Hanukkah with some great friends and excellent fried food, and now it’s time to have a Czech Christmas.

I really want to get a tree this year. I haven’t had a tree in my adult years since I moved out of my parents house when I was 18. I have a possibly slightly strange attitude towards cutting down trees to use them to adorn our living rooms for a couple of weeks and then discarding them. I feel like Phoebe did on the Friends episode when she saw Joey putting a Christmas tree through the crusher and totally freaked out, and then Joey had to save all the trees instead of crushing them. I don’t like seeing all the dead trees on the streets in the days after Christmas, it makes me feel heavy inside. My husband actually let me “save” a thrown-away Christmas tree from the street couple of days after Christmas one year. We took it home and had it on the porch for a while until it was time to let it go… So now you can understand that making a decision to have a tree this year was a big step for me.

To make my Christmas tree special, I didn’t want to buy ornaments that are readily available at any store. I wanted to feel like I was a little girl again and the ornaments seemed so special. You know, hand-blown glass from Europe type stuff. I turned to the vintage section on Etsy to look for my new collection of vintage ornaments to put on my first tree. Two boxes of the lot arrived today and I can’t wait to put them on my tree and see my son’s eyes filled with awe when he sees a life-size tree in our living room.


Also, along with my ornaments, I couldn’t pass up this awesome owl belt from Plumberry Vintage.


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