Rock Make…. uh, ok?

Yesterday was the Rock Make street fair/festival that was held on Treat avenue between 17th and 18th street in the Mission. It was my first outside fair and I was definitely nervous. So nervous, in fact, that I forgot my new displays at home, so I had to send my bff/helper/mirror girl Nancy to go back to get them. I worked on them over the weekend and really wanted to rock them out. Thanks for going back, baby!!

The weather was great, the vendors were super friendly, and the music was great. People started trickling in at around noon. I was optimistic about sales because the urban hipster crowd really seemed to get my style and I was getting a lot of positive feedback, but at the end of the day, my sales were poor. I think that we needed a lot bigger crowd of actual shoppers to up the sales. Taking into account the 9AM – 6PM day plus the vendor fee, I have to admit that I lost money big time. I did, however, gain some great experience and just being a part of a crafts fair elevated my spirits. I also got to be fair neighbors with a couple of amazing artists – Tessa Kemp Jewelry and 5733.

Check out how totally awesome my set up looked.


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